Study Abroad & Spanish Immersion in Oaxaca, Mexico

Learn Spanish in the fascinating colonial city of Oaxaca, Mexico. Experience the colonial charms of this highland city surrounded by lush mountains and indigenous villages. Oaxaca is one of the most unique cities in Mexico. It is the ideal location for Spanish immersion and exploring the pre-Hispanic past of the area. Join Sol Abroad for an unforgettable and engaging experience in a city that you are sure to fall in love with.

Academic Overview

Oaxaca, Mexico is the perfect place to study, explore, and immerse yourself in the unique and beautiful culture of Mexico. Spanish language classes in Oaxaca are taught at the University of Oaxaca (UABJO), which was established in 1827 as one of the first universities in Mexico. Language classes are taught at the Facultad de Idiomas, the prestigious language department of the university. The Spanish program began here in 1987 and has since evolved into an esteemed Spanish language institution. University facilities are located in the historic center of Oaxaca and are only a few blocks south of the famous Zócalo, or central plaza.


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    Mexico, 2016

    Keep your mind open to trying new and different foods and activities. Take advantage of the city and explore! With the time you get to spend can be as great as you like as long as you go out and venture! During my free time, I always went out, went I...

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Cultural Activities

All Sol Abroad programs include cultural activities that are done during the weekday afternoons. These activities are designed to accentuate the unique character of the country and make your stay the richest experience possible. You will receive a calendar listing the scheduled cultural activities one month prior to the start of your program. Cultural activities include activities such as horseback riding, dance classes, and cultural tours of the area. Read below for more details:


Volunteer and community service work while abroad is an excellent way to give back to the community and develop a deeper cultural understanding of the program location. Whether you teach English to local elementary school students, assist in a grassroots community service program, or just dedicate time to a food shelter, you will not only better your Spanish, but also make lifelong friends along the way!

Our normal structure is that we include one volunteer activity per program session. This usually entails 4 to 5 hours dedicated to the activity that day. Each location is different as to what it has to offer for volunteer options and volunteer work is mainly done in our Latin American locations. Please review the volunteer section of the program country for more specifics. Upon request, we can provide you and your school with an official letter defining the projects and hours that you complete while abroad.


Excursions are included in your study abroad program price!

Excursions are a fundamental part of the abroad experience. We carefully select weekend excursions that allow you to discover more about the country in which you are studying and are based on cultural and educational importance or sites of natural beauty. Entrance and transportation fees are always included.

The following is a list of our incredible weekend excursions. The excursions for your program will be confirmed in the Program Calendar you receive one month prior to your program start date.

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