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  • Mihoko Kubo
    Costa Rica, 2016

    Because I have a back injury, I wasn´t able to go on the white water rafting, so that was a bit disappointing. But I really appreciated how Orlando took me and a friend to do other things around town so we wouldn´t be bored. :)

  • Tanya Greenwood
    Mexico, 2016

    Biggest challenge: My body and mind was constantly exhausted because I had to work twice as hard to understand everything around me. The benefits: Studying abroad opened my eyes to the world and the difficulties of learning a second language. I have significantly more respect for bilingual indiv...

  • Kendall Nicholas
    Mexico, 2016

    My time spent in Oaxaca was amazing and I meet many people, such as friends, instructors, teachers, and my host family. They all contributed to my experience here in Oaxaca! The program improved my Spanish and idea of Mexican culture. This experience made me want to continue my Spanish learning beca...

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International Living named Atenas as one of the best Costa Rican towns to live in!

From the climate, to the welcoming locals, and wonderful family atmosphere, Atenas truly is a Costa Rican gem! SOL has been able to see first-hand wha...

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