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  • Jonathon Culver
    Mexico, 2016

    My director provided a thousand percent more support than expected. He became my best travel companion, was knowledgeable and excited about this country, as if he was experiencing things for the first time. Open your eyes to everything around you and you'll have memories you'll enjoy for t...

  • Sarah Mullinnix
    Costa Rica, 2016

    I was shown so much love by my family. I love them so much and I have a special place in my heart just for them. They changed the way I view family and it was so for the better. The other night I called my dad and told him all the things I have wanted to say for so long, they gave me the courage to ...

  • Nell McKenna
    Mexico, 2016

    This program exposes you to every aspect of the country; the food, the culture, the attractions -both touristic and local, the family life, and everything you could ask for. My experience pushed my comfort zones to allow me to grow - not beg to go home.

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Max Liebeskind, a freshman at Harvard University, found his study abroad program through an online search. He ended up traveling to Argentina through ...

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