Choose from Four Great Destinations


  • Molly Cutler
    Costa Rica, 2016

    I have learned not to be so judgmental because of the experiences i had with my fellow group mates, and I have learned a lot about general Latin American life...and how it differs from mine in los estados. The program was better than I expected! I ended up making amazing friends I'll never forg...

  • Julie King
    Spain, 2016

    I loved my family! They were so interactive with us and sincerely respected us. Whenever we mentioned that we liked a dish or didn´t like a dish, Elisa really followed it. Pretty much with each day, we loved our family even more. In fact, we haven´t told them yet, but my housemate and I are planni...

  • Miles Fullman
    Spain, 2016

    Studying abroad is a wild, raw and beautiful experience that will not only cultivate a desire to pursue practicing and perfecting the language, but will also immerse you in the culture and daily life while living in Spain. Spending every day in Granada allowed me to make the shift between translatin...

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Sol Education Abroad (SOL) is hiring in our Austin office! If you deeply believe in the life-long benefits of studying abroad and if you are looking ...

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