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  • Sean Le
    Costa Rica, 2016

    I feel less ignorant about the world. I have come to accept the food, animals, and culture I was to live with in the past three weeks here. I have appreciated more of the excess I have been given in the U.S. I truly realize that money does not buy you happiness. The quality time emerging into a coun...

  • Julie Eisenberg
    Spain, 2016

    It was a great experience to live away from home for so long and be more independent. I got to speak for myself instead of my parents speaking for me, and to add to that, I was speaking Spanish and learning in that sense too. Try everything. Even if it costs money. Some things won’t be worth it bu...

  • Alex Haddad
    Spain, 2016

    I met a lot of really amazing people and that definitely made me want to study abroad more. I also learned that I actually can speak Spanish and use my language skills to communicate beyond a basic surface level, and it made me much more confident in my ability to travel and experience the non Engli...

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Now Accepting Summer 2018 Photo Contest Entries!

Now Accepting Photo Contest Entries! The 2018 Summer Programs SOL Photo Contest is now open to showcase your adventures abroad! Submit your best phot...

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