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  • Miles Fullman
    Spain, 2016

    Studying abroad is a wild, raw and beautiful experience that will not only cultivate a desire to pursue practicing and perfecting the language, but will also immerse you in the culture and daily life while living in Spain. Spending every day in Granada allowed me to make the shift between translatin...

  • Michael Celentano
    Spain, 2016

    This has been one of the best, if not the best, program I have participated in during the summer, and I have participated in many!

  • Jordan Wehmuller
    Mexico, 2016

    Since I am only 15, I have so much ahead of me. I feel like this experienced changed my life forever since I have now seen a part of Mexico I had never seen before, and experienced a new culture. I feel like this experience will make me view my life differently for the better, and now I know all I h...

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"Sol Abroad was top-notch" says alumni Max Liebeskind (freshman at Harvard University)

Max Liebeskind, a freshman at Harvard University, found his study abroad program through an online search. He ended up traveling to Argentina through ...

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