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  • Emily Johnson
    Mexico, 2016

    Take Oaxaca by the hand and never let go. This experience is bound to change your life. You will arise from it a completely changed human being and you will be happier than you ever thought possible. When coming in to this program, you must have an either undying or underlying love of the language. ...

  • Sebastian Christakis
    Mexico, 2016

    This program has given me perspective in what it means to be a global citizen and has encouraged me to seize opportunities like this in my future. My host family was some of the kindest, most hospitable and considerate people I have ever met. Every single member of the family did everything possible...

  • Max Fernandes
    Mexico, 2017

    [SOL is] an immensely rewarding program that provides an authentic taste of Oaxaca, and I would strongly recommend it to my friends and other Spanish students.To me, the program is awesome as is - it has a structured itinerary that lets you visit all the places of interest, but still provides lots o...

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Now Accepting Photo Contest Entries!

Now Accepting Photo Contest Entries! The 2017 SOL Summer Photo Contest is now open to showcase your adventures abroad! Submit your best photos starti...

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