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  • Mae Mouritsen
    Mexico, 2016

    Don't be afraid to make grammatical mistakes in Spanish. If you can talk, just talk! no one gets offended, and sooner than later, your Spanish will improve drastically. Most of us are so used to the US classroom setting where all of our speaking experience comes from highly scrutinized and grad...

  • Jessica Green
    Spain, 2016

    I absolutely ADORED all of my teachers. They were all so willing to help me with everything and willing to meet me outside of the classroom on topics that I was confused with. The greatest benefits were being able to experience Spanish culture first hand with my host family. I would have learned le...

  • Miles Fullman
    Spain, 2016

    Studying abroad is a wild, raw and beautiful experience that will not only cultivate a desire to pursue practicing and perfecting the language, but will also immerse you in the culture and daily life while living in Spain. Spending every day in Granada allowed me to make the shift between translatin...

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International Living named Atenas as one of the best Costa Rican towns to live in!

From the climate, to the welcoming locals, and wonderful family atmosphere, Atenas truly is a Costa Rican gem! SOL has been able to see first-hand wha...

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