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  • Suzanna Bobadilla
    Spain, 2016

    I thought I would eventually want to go home and be homesick. But right now, I wish I could stay for another month. If you step out of your comfort zone, the experiences that you will be rewarded with will astound you.

  • Emily Elmore
    Costa Rica, 2016

    This was the best trip I have ever been on. Everything was amazing. The mood here is very relaxed, while maintaining a learning environment. I have been to Costa Rica three times, but experiencing Costa Rica through Sol Abroad made me appreciate the country so much more.

  • Amanda Fassett
    Costa Rica, 2017

    This experience will definitely positively impact my life going forward! I have learned what it takes to be responsibly independent, especially in a foreign country. I have grown a new love for comprehending a new language, as it is an extensive yet enriching process! This experience has inspired me...

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International Living named Atenas as one of the best Costa Rican towns to live in!

From the climate, to the welcoming locals, and wonderful family atmosphere, Atenas truly is a Costa Rican gem! SOL has been able to see first-hand wha...

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