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  • Maggie Burke
    Costa Rica, 2016

    Just speak all the time! I know it can feel awkward if you feel like you don't know enough Spanish to communicate, but the only way that will ever improve is to practice. So, just put yourself out there and talk to everyone, even if it isn't grammatically correct 24/7. I realized that stay...

  • Jaden Hill
    Mexico, 2017

    Come expecting to learn, improve, and make life-long memories. Cherish every experience you have. You will love it!

  • Sebastian Christakis
    Mexico, 2016

    This program has given me perspective in what it means to be a global citizen and has encouraged me to seize opportunities like this in my future. My host family was some of the kindest, most hospitable and considerate people I have ever met. Every single member of the family did everything possible...

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Now Accepting Photo Contest Entries!

Now Accepting Photo Contest Entries! The 2017 SOL Summer Photo Contest is now open to showcase your adventures abroad! Submit your best photos starti...

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