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"Sol Abroad was top-notch" says alumni Max Liebeskind (freshman at Harvard University)

Esteban Lardone/June 29, 2016

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Max Liebeskind, a freshman at Harvard University, found his study abroad program through an online search. He ended up traveling to Argentina through Sol Abroad and said the program lived up to his expectations. "The language instruction was top-notch," he said.

While Liebeskind’s decision to study abroad was mainly fueled by his desire to refine his Spanish skills, other students might be motivated by opportunities to serve a community or for personal growth.

Studying abroad is not just another extracurricular to add to your list, but an overarching experience that says so much more about you than most other items on that list ever could. Alexander Posner, who will be entering Yale University this fall, said there is no doubt a study abroad experience helps students stand out in the admissions process. Posner studied in Costa Rica with Sol Abroad.

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