Classroom Presentations

If you would like for us to visit your classroom and talk to your students about the life-long benefits of study abroad, please complete the form below. We can come present in English or in Spanish to your Spanish classes about the many benefits of study abroad and Spanish Immersion! Presentations can be as short as 5 minutes or as long as you like!

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School Assemblies

  • If your school has a time set aside for assemblies, we can come present briefly on study abroad and later follow this up with classroom presentations or an information table.

Spanish Club Meetings

  • Sol Abroad is available to come present to Spanish Clubs and we can present on specific topics regarding the Spanish-Speaking world in order to add value to your Spanish Club meetings. Topics can include the benefits of Spanish in the job-market or the benefits of study abroad on College Applications or we can discuss cultural aspects of one of the four countries where we have programs. We can also plan Teacher-Led Trips for your Spanish Club!

Spanish Department Meetings

  • Sol Abroad representatives are available to meet with Spanish or World Language Departments in order to answer questions about our programs and review the different programming options available to students and teachers. These meetings are great to discuss the options for Teacher-Led Trips for your school or school district!

College & Summer Fairs

  • Sol Abroad often attends Summer Fairs and College Fairs. We also have a college program (Sol Education Abroad). Study abroad is growing in importance and it is very beneficial to have a summer study abroad program in attendance at your next College Fair!

College Counselors

  • Sol Abroad is available to host informational meetings in College Counseling centers for students and parents who are interested in learning more about study abroad and Spanish Immersion programs.

Informational or Lunch Tables

  • Sol Abroad is available to set up a table during lunch so that your students can obtain information regarding our stellar summer study abroad programs as well as study abroad program options available after graduation.

Parent Information Sessions

  • Sol Abroad representatives are available to meet with parents and discuss our various program options. This is usually on a weekday evening or a Saturday afternoon. We can meet and present to individual parents or to groups of parents from a community.