Why Choose SOL?

Dear Student & Parents,

At Sol Abroad our mission is very simple: to treat you the same way we wanted to be treated when we studied abroad. This personalized approach makes us both a leader and an innovator in high school study abroad programs. We’ve developed our High School Program based on nearly two decades of international experience and a passion for foreign cultures and languages.

We provide you with a complete study abroad experience, including interactive Spanish language classes, unique travel excursions, and an array of cultural activities of lasting value. In addition to greatly improving your Spanish skills while abroad on our program, you will also build maturity and independence and gain greater confidence in yourself.

In an increasingly globalizing world, we recognize the vital importance of cross-cultural understanding and have created our value-based educational program accordingly. Through our program you will cultivate relationships, language skills, and memories to last a lifetime. We emphasize the importance of learning about the unique cultures and people in each of our specially selected program sites.

With Sol Abroad, you will experience a genuine cultural immersion through housing with carefully chosen local host families, quality Spanish classes, stimulating excursions, and some of the most rewarding cultural activities possible. We share your excitement and look forward to seeing you soon!

The Sol Abroad Team