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  • Kelsey Parsons
    Spain, 2016

    This is an experience of a lifetime! Being submerged in the culture has made me realize how beautiful the language is and there is no doubt that it has become a huge part of life. Your language skills will improve like no other, and you will feel at home speaking with locals after two weeks in the b...

  • Bronwen Raff
    Costa Rica, 2016

    I had the most amazing time! Now that I am back home, it almost seems like it was a dream...too good to be true. From the moment I got to Costa Rica, I was in love and the minute I had to leave, my heart broke. The people are so friendly, the town is super safe, the language is fun, my family was am...

  • Jordan Wehmuller
    Mexico, 2016

    Since I am only 15, I have so much ahead of me. I feel like this experienced changed my life forever since I have now seen a part of Mexico I had never seen before, and experienced a new culture. I feel like this experience will make me view my life differently for the better, and now I know all I h...

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SOL listed as "Top Youth Travel Organization of 2015"

Sol Abroad is honored to be listed as "Top Youth Travel Organization of 2015"

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