Choose from Four Great Destinations


  • Kerry Ho
    Spain, 2016

    Come with a open mind because this is a once in a lifetime experience.

  • Tanya Greenwood
    Mexico, 2016

    Biggest challenge: My body and mind was constantly exhausted because I had to work twice as hard to understand everything around me. The benefits: Studying abroad opened my eyes to the world and the difficulties of learning a second language. I have significantly more respect for bilingual indiv...

  • Emily Johnson
    Mexico, 2016

    Take Oaxaca by the hand and never let go. This experience is bound to change your life. You will arise from it a completely changed human being and you will be happier than you ever thought possible. When coming in to this program, you must have an either undying or underlying love of the language. ...

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Accepting Entries for the 2016 Summer Photo Contest!

SOL is launching our 2016 Summer Photo contest! Please submit your best photos from your study abroad experience. Cash prizes include $250, ...

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