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We want to give back to every single community our students come from and make study abroad available to students that want to better their Spanish Language skills and have a desire to learn and explore other cultures! The goal of our annual scholarships is to allow students that would not be able to participate in a Study Abroad & Spanish Immersion program to do so! We want to make study abroad available to students of all ethnic & cultural backgrounds. If you feel you are a student that meets this profile, please apply below! You must meet our eligibility requirements.

We offer annual scholarships of the following amounts:

  • scholarship 1: $500
  • scholarship 2: $250
  • scholarship 3: $200
  • scholarship 4: $150
  • scholarship 5: $100

Eligibility Requirements

  • Must currently be enrolled in an accredited high school, boarding school or private school.
  • Must be accepted into any of our programs, staying for a least a 3 weeks.
  • Meet our GPA requirement (GPA must be in good standing).
  • Obey Sol Abroad's policies and Conduct & Behaviors (see
  • Accept we use your name for any marketing purposes.
  • Complete the following:
    • Scholarship Essay
    • Letter of Recommendation
    • Unofficial Transcript
    • Complete form below
  • Apply before our April 1st deadline
  • You may only apply once a year and you cannot apply more than once.


Our office carefully reviews each and every application that meets our eligibility requirements. Winner will receive a notification via email or phone. DO NOT submit multiple entries.

Scholarship form

All of your scholarship application information is completely confidential and will be encryped and stored on our servers. Your information WILL ONLY be used to provide you the best study abroad experience possible

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  • Please enter the teacher's name & email address who will complete your LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION. An email will be sent to the teacher requesting they complete a very short, less than 5 minute recommendation form. It is your responsibility to make sure this is done. You will be notified when your teacher completes the recommendation. (please note, while we prefer a teacher from your school, the recommendation can be completed by a mentor, coach, etc.)
  • Teacher's Name *

  • Teacher's School

  • Please tell us, in an original essay, why you feel you deserve a study abroad scholarship: *

  • I certify that all of the information I am providing in this online application was completed by me and that the essay and all of the information was not plagiarised and is all original material. I also certify that if I received any scholarships from Sol Abroad, I will use the funds explusively for their study abroad program. Please enter your initials: *