Financing Your Study Abroad

There are many ways to finance your study abroad program! By enrolling in our programs you will be able to take full advantage of our knowledge and experience in this field! We will complete any paperwork your school or fund requires.


FundMyTravel is an online crowd funding platform developed by to allow students to raise funds to cover the expenses of their study abroad program. With FundMyTravel, students can create customizable travel campaigns which they can share across numerous social media channels in order to collect donations from friends, contacts and family members – all you need is a verified PayPal account.

Creative Fundraising Ideas

While it’s important to apply for as many scholarships as possible, you shouldn’t expect to receive every award. It’s important to consider other funding options & remember that every little bit helps. Small amounts can add up to big rewards! Please see the link here to the creative ideas from the University of Kentucky's Education Abroad office: Creative Fundraising Ideas.


With such a range of scholarships you must confirm whether or not the scholarship can be used for our program. Independent scholarships can almost always be used for your Sol Abroad program, but some scholarships have special stipulations.