High School Credit & Advanced Placement (AP):

Many of our students successfully take the AP exam after doing our program. Also, because of improved language skills, students often place into higher level Spanish classes upon their return.

High School Credit:

Oftentimes, your high school may have a system in place by which you can either earn high school credit from our programs or you can place into a higher-level Spanish class upon your return. Please make sure you ask your Spanish teacher or guidance counselor about this to get the details.

Your school may not use this system often, or may never have had students study abroad so are not familiar with how to handle cases like this. Here are some examples of how some high school we work with handle high school credit:

  • Brunswick School (Greenwich, CT):
    Student receive academic credits as long as they meet the following requirements:
    • A three to four-week stay, including time with a local host family
    • Focus on language acquisition and not primarily travel
    • There is a classroom or academic component whereby students participate in formal instruction several hours per day with a native teacher
    • Conversation and culture to be emphasized over grammar during the trip (experiential/activity-based learning)
  • Calabasas High School (Calabasas, CA):

    Students are able to skip from Spanish 3 to Spanish 5 (AP) if they complete at least a 4 week Spanish immersion program over the summer. This allows juniors who otherwise could not do AP Spanish their senior year place into the AP class.

  • Santa Rosa High School (Santa Rosa, CA):

    High school credit is granted as long as the transcript or certificate earned can be transcripted by a US university. We have an agreement with Jacksonville University who will provide this transcripting service.

Advanced Placement (AP):

There is no better way to prepare for the AP Spanish exam than by studying abroad the summer prior. Many students comment that they learned more in 3 weeks on their Sol Abroad program than in 3 years of Spanish class at their school. Summer after summer parents write us to let us know that their son or daughter scored a 5 on the AP exam thanks to the preparation during our program.

Not only will the experience with Sol Abroad prepare you to do well on the AP exam but for some students it allows them to place into the AP class when they would have otherwise been going into Spanish 4.