Volunteer & Community Service

Does your school require community service hours? Do you want to volunteer while abroad? If so, our programs include volunteer and community service activities. Volunteering while abroad is a great way to give back to the local community and gain a deeper understanding of the host culture.

Our normal structure is that we include one volunteer activity per program session. This usually entails 4 to 5 hours dedicated to the activity that day. Each location is different as to what it has to offer for volunteer options. Please review the volunteer section of the program location for more specifics.

Our onsite staff work hard to identify projects that need our help before the summer begins. We will work on the project as a group. This may be a project that will take several program sessions to finish or it may be a project that you can help with just for the day and still accomplish set goals and needs of the organization we are assisting.

After the program ends, and upon request, we will provide you and your school with an official letter defining the project and hours that you complete. We can consider special requests for volunteer placements so please let us know beforehand more about your interests and needs!

Whether you help teach English to local elementary school students, assist in painting a classroom, or dedicate time to a food shelter, you will not only better your Spanish, but also make great friends along the way!


  • Looks great on your college applications
  • You can use the experience when writing essays for college acceptance
  • Another way to practice your Spanish in real-life situations
  • More interaction with locals
  • Learn about different aspects of the host country (such as their education system, social work systems, etc.)
  • Fulfill high school graduation requirements, such as CAS or SSL hours

Some Examples of Volunteer Placements:

Atenas, Costa Rica:
Volunteer in Schools

Buenos Aires, Argentina:
Soup Kitchen

Oaxaca, Mexico:
Home building

Granada, Spain:
Food Shelter