Atenas (our High School Summer Program)

Atenas is a picturesque town situated in the central highlands of Costa Rica, roughly 45 minutes west of the bustling capital city of San José. This small town is made up of many surrounding communities that base their livelihood on agricultural pursuits such as growing coffee, oranges, mangos, and sugarcane. Costa Rican history, tradition, and culture are deeply rooted here. Atenas is a clean and charming town with a laid-back atmosphere that students love. The friendly demeanor of the locals and the surrounding beauty of the area make this an ideal location for Spanish study.

Heredia (our Gap Year & Gap Semester Program)

Heredia is located in the cool highlands of Costa Rica on the western edge of the Central Valley. Known as the “City of Flowers”, Heredia is located only 20 minutes from the capital city of San José, yet retains the atmosphere of a smaller Costa Rican town. It is one of the oldest colonial settlements in the country — its main church was built in 1797. The central plaza is an inviting place to stroll and experience life in the city. Adding to the charm of Heredia, the surrounding countryside is home to many coffee plantations and small farms. The city rests on the lower slopes of impressive Poás Volcano, whose active past has provided the area with extremely fertile soil. Heredia provides a wonderful mix of old and new and you are sure to enjoy studying Spanish in this setting.