Volunteer & Service Learning Activities

Volunteer and community service work while abroad is an excellent way to give back to the community and develop a deeper cultural understanding of the program location. Whether you teach English to local elementary school students, assist in a grassroots community service program, or just dedicate time to a food shelter, you will not only better your Spanish, but also make lifelong friends along the way!

Our normal structure is that we offer to our students one volunteer activity per program session. This usually entails 4 to 5 hours dedicated to the activity that day. Each location is different as to what it has to offer for volunteer options and volunteer work is mainly done in our Latin American locations. Please review the volunteer section of the program country for more specifics. Upon request, we can provide you and your school with an official letter defining the projects and hours that you complete while abroad.

Photo not found. Ecology & Tree Planting Project

Ecology & Tree Planting Project

Photo not found. Education Project (Teaching English to Pre-School & Elementary Students)

Education Project (Teaching English to Pre-School & Elementary Students)

Photo not found. Exercise Program for the Elderly

Exercise Program for the Elderly

Photo not found. Environmental Education with Kids

Environmental Education with Kids

Photo not found. Animal Shelter

Animal Shelter