Granada is one of the most fascinating cities in Spain! Located high in the Sierra Nevada Mountains and only minutes from the Mediterranean coast this is one of the world’s top study abroad destinations.

  • Home to the Alhambra palace, the echoes of Granada’s Arabic past ring strong as you stroll the cobblestone streets and explore the medieval passageways of the Albaicín, the largest preserved Moorish quarter in all of Europe, full of Moroccan tea houses and shops.
  • Granada was ruled by the Moors for almost 800 years before the Catholic monarchy of Isabel & Ferdinand conquered the city in 1492.
  • Spain’s best flamenco performers come from Granada. In the evenings, enjoy a flamenco show, and feel the passion of this Gypsy art form.
  • The Sierra Nevada Mountains provide an impressive backdrop. You will see these picturesque mountains in the distance from almost any vantage point.